Sell Up And Sail

“The sailing bible”
The Times
“First rate reading for serious planners and hopeless dreamers alike.”
Practical Boat Owner
“Advice on every aspect of cruising you could think of.”
Yachting World
“A must, whether or not you’re serious about doing so”
Motor Boat and Yachting

Since it was first published, Sell Up and Sail has become the bible for those cruising as a way of life, whether short or long term. It asks all the right questions, and provides practical first hand advice based on thirty years full time cruising.

  • Choosing a boat
  • What to take and what to leave behind
  • Avoiding mistakes and pitfalls
  • Successful crew relationships
  • Preventing ill health afloat
  • Provisioning in far flung places

In short, how to get it right before you go and thus ensure that your chosen life is as relaxed, enjoyable, and stress free as it should be.

The fifth edition of the bestseller from this award winning couple is as witty and readable as ever, and tells you all you need to know about far-reaching changes in navigation, computing and communications as well as the mushrooming growth of bureaucracy, taking account of recent developments which could affect your life as a long term cruiser.

This is the one book for anyone seeking to get away to a cruising life